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Welcome to DSM Handyman. Customers get all-around service for their home when they call us. As a leader in home servicing in Singapore, clients don’t have to worry about anything if they deal with us because we know we can provide what they need. Our money back guarantee assures our clients that we will be able to solve any problem they throw at us.

Our Handyman Services

DSM Handyman has a full line of services that covers every home repair and improvement needs for our client. Any person living in Singapore can avail of our service. You get affordable rates and terms when you contact us.

All Around Home Care

Our services at this level will vary because you may have different problems at home that need to be addressed. This service is a general coverage for any problem that you might be experiencing at home. The specific task that you need should be shared with us first so we can send you the right worker for the job.

With great detail, our handymen will work with you to achieve the needs of your home. We will help you with the budgeting all the way to the end of the project or job. We can work with small home up to large-scale projects depending on our client’s needs.

Paint Jobs

We have experience painters that have worked with all kinds of projects including large-scale work for both interior and exterior painting. Our rates are very competitive without sacrificing the workmanship the we are able to provide our clients.

You get quality paint that will be applied to the job you need. We are also not averse to working within the budget that you provide for your project. It is our commitment to do the best we can for our clients at all times.


Our electricians are well-trained and have the requisite experience to work with all kinds of projects in Singapore. They have already worked with any kind of electrical wiring, appliance, and other equipment that run on electricity. You will get an electrician with multiple skills from rewiring to fixing the electrical fixtures in your home.

We will work with you throughout the project or maintenance work. The service will be broken down to the most important detail to allow our professional electricians to identify the main problem. You can rely on our men to be able to handle the job the you have hired them for.


Our plumbing services cover everything from your pipes, water heaters, and even plumbing emergencies. Just call us and we’ll be able to send you a professional that will be able to do the job that you need.

Whether it’s home plumbing or commercial plumbing, our resident plumbers can do the work for you. They are dedicated to their work which means they can handle any kind of task you throw at them. Rest assured that you are dealing with professional all the time.

Air Conditioning

We have resident aircon technicians that can handle aircon installation, repair, cleaning, and even chemical cleaning. Service contracts are available for the options that you need to get you what you want.

We service all types of air-conditioners and brands with the versatile skills of our aircon technicians. All our work is done in a step-by-step process starting from problem identification to the actual repair job which ensures the quality of the work. Our technicians also follow safety protocol especially when dealing with a service such as chemical cleaning.


This is an essential service nowadays especially since it’s a continuing trend to waterproof many different sections of your home. The professional waterproofing service we offer does not even need to remove all the work you’ve already done such as the tiles and finishing in your home.

The balcony of your home is exposed to all kinds of weather problems which is why it’s no surprise that there may be gaps and cracks that damage it. We offer chemical waterproofing by first cleaning your balcony tiles. We assure you the we follow all kinds of safety protocols for your home.

Why Choose Us?

We have become one of the leading one-stop professional services provider in Singapore. No need to look for an electrician, plumber, and painter separately because you get all of those services when you hire us to take care of your home.


“I was very happy when DSM Handyman came to our home to help me fix the many problems that we’ve been experiencing for a while. I was so happy with their service that I had to write something to compliment them for the job well done. About the few weeks ago around early January, we had an emergency plumbing issue because our restroom floor was flooding. The team arrived right away to start fixing the problem. There were no delay and you had workers quickly trying to address the problem as it was urgently needed. They were very professional with their approach to the job with no wasted movement. The work was over quickly and you could tell the job was done well. They even left some instructions for us at home as to how to avoid the same issue in the future. It was the best service I had for our house and I’m really thankful for them.”

- Catherine Ang

“Our shower head broke earlier in the week. We called DSM Handyman to come fix it for us and surely enough early the very next day they had a professional handyman at our door. They made quick work of the problem and were nice enough to clean up after themselves as well. I was happy with their professionalism. I’ll be calling them again for sure!”

- Jin Won Sy

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