Specific Types of Handyman To Choose From

When we use the term handyman, it is easy to assume that it is a person who can do basically anything. In fact, we may even know people that we are fond of calling handyman, simply because they seem to be able to be so skilled at many things. While there may be a handyman in each of us, in the professional world, these skilled workers actually come in different specialization. When it comes to certain needs at home or in the office, it is more efficient to already know which type of handyman we will need.

Having a jack of all trades is great, but by knowing the types of handyman, you will be assured of the quality of service that you will be getting, while also saving on unnecessary cost. Here the major types of handyman that you will most likely encounter or need in your day to day life:

Indoor Finishing, Repair, and Maintenance

This is one of the most common demands in residential properties. A lot of maintenance and repairs inside the house can easily go unnoticed. But, when they finally do get noticed, they are often already too complicated, thus the need for handyman who can seal leaks, repaint walls, clean your decks, or even repair broken fixture and furniture. This type of handyman are versatile when it comes to most indoor needs, so you can trust them to do the efficiently.

Outdoor and Landscape

This type of handyman is your go to for fence or gate installation and design, landscaping, patio construction, and other outdoor installations. Their main role is to make the entry path to the property both functional and presentable. Some of the essential skills that they possess is welding, basic carpentry, and landscape design. Due to the scope of the job, your main handyman may opt to involve a team to help accomplish the task faster.

Electrical Handyman

Professional electricians may also fall under the category of a handyman. However, this is one of those types that require professional qualification, ideally with license due to the dangers and details involved. Other tasks under this type may include electrical system installation, wiring repairs, circuit update, and even installation of back-up generators and solar panels.


This is another highly specialized skill from a contractor. Not all handyman may be able to perform this meticulous task. Your tiler may take care of the floor, wall, and bathroom tiling installation and maintenance. They are also highly well-versed in dealing with all types of tiles, preventing any wastage of resources and time.

In order to further expedite the process of looking for a handyman, make sure to know for sure what services you need so you can readily trim down your options to the closest type of handyman to handle the job.

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